Torunlar REIC Trust Dividend Distribution Policy
  1. In principle, it has been adopted to distribute dividends every year in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code, the Capital Markets Law, the Company's Articles of Association and these regulations.
  2. According to the above principles, it is desired that the profit planned to be distributed should be 50% of the distributable profit. However, the distribution of 50% of the distributable profit to the shareholders may be postponed every year, taking into account the investment plans of the company, the stages of the investments, the fund needs arising for the investments and the extraordinary or unexpected developments in the economy.
  3. Dividends may be paid in cash or in the form of "bonus shares" by capitalizing distributable profit.
  4. If it is decided by the General Assembly to distribute dividends, dividends shall be distributed as specified in the resolution and no later than the end of the year in which the General Assembly is held. Provided that it is within this interval, the time of distribution shall be determined by the General Assembly. Dividend distribution may be made at once or in installments.
  5. The opinion adopted by the board of directors on whether or not to distribute profit is submitted to the approval of the general assembly. Action is taken according to the decision taken at the general assembly.
  6. Distributable profit is calculated in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code and the Capital Markets Law and the regulations made/to be made in accordance with this Law, the Corporate Tax Law and the regulations made/to be made in accordance with this Law, the provisions of the Articles of Association and the resolutions adopted at the General Assembly. Dividends are distributed equally to all existing shares as of the date of distribution, regardless of their issue and acquisition dates.
  7. Torunlar REIC's Articles of Association do not include privileges in profit distribution
  8. The Company's Articles of Association include the distribution of advance dividends and advance dividends may be distributed to shareholders within the framework of capital market regulations.
  9. In matters not covered in this regulation, the corrections in the Dividend Communique, which entered into force upon publication in the Official Gazette dated 23.01.2014 and numbered 28891, shall be complied with.
"Dividend Distribution Policy" Repealed on 29.05.2014

At the meeting of our Board of Directors held on September 16, 2010 ;

To include the issue of distributing 50% of the distributable profit of the Incorporation each year as dividend, provided that it does not contradict the regulations of the Capital Markets Board, in the agenda to be submitted to the General Assembly for approval,

As a principle, the Company has adopted the policy of maintaining this dividend distribution policy except for special circumstances required by the investment and other funding needs of the Company's long-term growth and extraordinary developments in economic conditions.