Torunlar REIC Code of Conduct
Core Principles
Torunlar REIC, with its employees and partners, acts in the light of the principles of Transparency, Honesty and Integrity in the conduct of its activities..
Torunlar REIC complies with the rules of law and all kinds of legal restrictions related to its activities.
It respects the rights and freedoms of its employees and other persons with whom it has relations.
It works to make the best use of the investments of Torunlar REIC's shareholders and to create added value.
Torunlar REIC aims to minimize the risks that may arise from these investments of its shareholders by implementing risk management.
The Company does not act contrary to the legislation and company regulations (including the CMB Legislation due to being a public company) in its management and activities.
Each shareholder is given the same value regardless of the amount of shares held.
Shareholders are given the opportunity to freely use communication channels and express their opinions.
Changes in the Company's financial status, field of activity, directors, etc. are updated on the website so that shareholders are informed about the developments.
Necessary measures are taken to ensure that shareholders have access to the information they need at the right time and at the least cost.
Shareholders' requests for information about the Company, excluding confidential and commercial information that has not been disclosed to the public, are met as soon as possible.
Utmost effort is made to ensure the participation of shareholders in the General Assembly.
Board of Directors
Members of the Board of Directors shall not submit to pressures that may result in consequences against shareholders, and shall not accept material benefits.
Members of the board of directors shall not disclose confidential and/or trade secret information about the company to the public
*Relationships between employees and the company
Torunlar REIC fully fulfills its legal and contractual obligations to all its employees.
It does not interfere with the private information of its employees and the private lives of its employees, and keeps all kinds of information about its employees confidential.
It reserves and does not share personal information (such as health information, shopping details, economic data, etc.) about employees that can be obtained through various channels.
Organizes trainings on issues that will ensure the business and personal development of employees.
It does not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, ethnic origin and religious belief in its practices towards employees.
It creates healthy and safe working conditions at the level required by laws and conditions and tries to improve them within the limits of possibilities.
Company employees shall not take the information they learn as part of their jobs outside the company and shall not use it for the benefit of themselves, their relatives or third parties.
Employees use the Company's tools and machines for their intended purpose.
In recruitment, promotion and appointments, it takes into account the qualifications suitable for the task and creates equality of opportunity among employees.
*Relationships between employees and third parties
Torunlar REIC and all of its employees fulfil exactly their legal and contractual obligations.
In cases where hesitations arise during the implementation of laws, it consults with individuals
The employee takes maximum care when performing an assigned task. He makes efforts to ensure that
Employees cannot take advantage of and accept gifts from third parties having relationships with the company.
Customers - Suppliers - Business - Associates
Torunlar REIC treats honestly and equally in its professional relationships with its customers
It prioritizes the reliability of agreements and always fulfils its commitments.
Torunlar REIC aims at ensuring that its relationships with suppliers are fiduciary and long-term rather than short-term.
Torunlar REIC attaches importance to promote its cooperation with specialized partners having adopted ethical values.
Disclosure Principles
Information to be disclosed to the public is not made public to particular investors or groups beforehand.
Independent auditing firms, individuals or institutions providing consultancy services, rating agencies, etc. being in the position to access the company's confidential information for working purposes keep the obtained information confidential within the framework of trade secret principles and code of conduct. They do not use them for their own, their relatives' or third parties' benefit.
Any meetings with investors, financial analysts, press members and similar sectors are made according to the disclosure policy of the company.
No employee other than the assigned individual and/or departments may make any oral or written statements on behalf of Torunlar REIC.