The Company aims to gain a competitive edge by pursuing the following strategies:

To produce retail-based mixed-use projects and maintain a focus on shopping centers,

To manage shopping centers actively and dynamically,

To closely follow the developments in the real estate sector,

To make use of opportunities in various regions and various types of properties offering high growth and development potential,

To develop methods for crisis management and thus turn crises into opportunities,

To adopt a pioneering role in the sector and develop model projects,

To create living spaces that help promote ease of living through the use of technological developments in the real estate sector and other industries,,

To carry the sector forward to the future through the application of technology,

To develop projects of the future by combining our international consultancy know-how with our local expertise,

To maintain a close view of value enhancing opportunities which offer the highest return to our shareholders,

To strengthen our position in the sector and become a reliable Real Estate Investment Company, preferred by investors and which distributes the maximum dividends.