Mall of Istanbul Project - Residences & Offices - Istanbul

Mall of Istanbul Project - Residences & Offices - Istanbul
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Mall of Istanbul Residences and Office Towers have been designed as a luxury housing and office settlement next to the Mall of Istanbul shopping center.

The type of residences at Mall of Istanbul Residences which consists of 4 residential blocks with a total of 1,081 residential units, varies from studio flats to four-bedroom with a space of 53 – 216 m².

The construction work started in March 2011 at the Project which has a residential area of 121,426 m². The project was completed in December 2013 and deliveries started. The sales which started in 2011 are conducted in Turkish Lira. 1,041 units out of 1,081 units have been sold as of December 31st, 2014.

There are 181 offices – tower (34,241 m²) and 24 flat offices (5,091 m²) at Mall of Istanbul Project. The tower offices from 118 to 332 m² and flat offices from 74-1,191 m² offer different alternatives.

Sales Office 0 212 444 26 64