"Worth" to invest, "worth" to live
Korupark Shopping Center - Bursa
"Worth" to invest, "worth" to live
Torium Shopping Center - İstanbul
"Worth" to invest, "worth" to live
Deepo Outlet Center – Antalya
"Worth" to invest, "worth" to live
Zafer Plaza – Bursa
"Worth" to invest, "worth" to live
Bulvar Samsun Shopping Center – Samsun
Material Event Disclosure
2013 Announcements
13.12.2013 MOI Delivery of Material Event Disclosure
04.10.2013 Financing and Refinancing of the Projects
19.07.2013 KAP- Approval of Yeni Gimat Isyerleri JSC IPO prospectus
12.07.2013 KAP- Appraisal Report for a Land Parcel in Eyup
05.07.2013 KAP-Loan Raising for Pasabahce land
28.06.2013 KAP-Revenue Sharing Project With Kiptas
21.06.2013 KAP Office Presales at Torun Center Project
08.05.2013 KAP 2012 Dividend Distribution Proposal
08.05.2013 KAP Independent Board Members 2012
06.05.2013 KAP Conversion of Yeni Gimat Isyerleri AS into REIC
KAP - 12.131,79 m² Land Acquisition in Ikitelli-2 Vicinity Basaksehir Borough in Istanbul  
28.03.2013 Prepayment to TOKI and Prebooking in ASY Project
18.03.2013 End of Share Buyback Transactions
31.12.2012 Torunlar REIC Stand-Alone Statutory (Tax-Based) Income Statement
31.01.2013 Selection of an Appraisal Company
30.01.2013 Resignation of the Chief Development Officer
04.01.2013 Impact of the Recent VAT Legislation on Torunlar REIC Assets
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