"Worth" to invest, "worth" to live
Korupark Shopping Center - Bursa
"Worth" to invest, "worth" to live
Torium Shopping Center - İstanbul
"Worth" to invest, "worth" to live
Deepo Outlet Center – Antalya
"Worth" to invest, "worth" to live
Zafer Plaza – Bursa
"Worth" to invest, "worth" to live
Bulvar Samsun Shopping Center – Samsun
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2011 Announcements
15.12.2011 Share buyback transactions
14.12.2011 Share buyback transactions
13.12.2011 Share buyback transactions
09.12.2011 Share buyback transactions
09.12.2011 Media news related to Yeni Gimat Isyerleri A.Ş.
09.12.2011 Share Buyback Transactions
05.12.2011 Share Buyback Transactions
02.12.2011 Share Buyback Transactions
28.11.2011 Share Buyback Transactions
25.11.2011 Share Buyback Transactions
24.11.2011 Share Buyback Transactions
22.11.2011 Share Buyback Transactions
25.10.2011 Appointment of Portfolio Manager
19.10.2011 Construction permit of Torun Tower Project
19.10.2011 Change of correspondence Address
23.08.2011 Board Resolution regarding the Extarordinary General Assembly Meeting
15.08.2011 Abolishment of the partial stay of execution decision for Ali Sami New Project
14.08.2011 TorunlarREIC Stand-alone Statutory (Tax-Based) Income Statement
21.07.2011 Land acquisition in Istanbul Maltepe Borough
20.07.2011 Korupark Terrace Residences Construction Permit-K Block
15.07.2011 Purchase offer for Yeni Gimat Isyerleri AS
14.07.2011 Nish Istanbul Project
05.07.2011 Korupark Terrace Residences Construction Permit
01.07.2011 Investor of the Year" Award
05.05.2011 Supplementary Disclosure for Resignation From CEO Post
17.06.2011 Ceo Appointment
31.05.2011 inancing of Mall of Istanbul Project
23.05.2011 Torunlar REIC 2010 Dividend Distribution Proposal IR
04.05.2011 Torunlar REIC Started to sell "Mall of Istanbul" The Residence
04.05.2011 Resignation from CEO post
27.04.2011 Stay of execution of Ali Sami Yen project
18.03.2011 Construction permit of Mall of Istanbul Project
01.01 / 31.12.2011 Selection of an İndependent External Auditing Firm for the Fiscal
01.04.2011 Appointment of the Portfolio Manager in Accordance With the Communique of Capital Markets Board Series VI, No:11.
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